In the media

This research has already received a lot of media attention, catch up on some of the key stories below.

Did you see us on the Channel 7 news?


Heart attack detector: Melbourne researchers develop game-changing device — 3AW

"Melbourne researchers have developed a ground-breaking new tool which can identify those at highest risk of heart attack.

More than 60,000 heart attacks happen in Australia every year and about 30 per cent of them are fatal."


Beating the odds — Channel Nine

"Melbourne researchers say they've found a way to dramatically reduce heart attacks and save lives. 

They've developed a laser that can detect who is at immediate risk of a deadly episode."


Lasers against heart attack and stroke! — ABC Health Report

Near-infrared fluorescence light can detect the atherosclerotic plaques that lead to heart attack and stroke.

Professor Karlheinz Peter spoke with Dr Norman Swan on ABC's Health Report back in the earlier days of the research..


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